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    Every Company is mandated by law to hold certain minimum number of individuals as directors of a company. Any individual, who holds a valid Director Identification Number and has furnished his /her consent and a declaration that he/she is not disqualified to become a director, can be appointed as a director in a company.

    An Additional director can only be appointed in a Board Meeting, who has to be regularized in an upcoming Annual General Meeting or the Last date up to which Annual General Meeting should have been held. Section 161 contains the provisions for the appointment of an additional director.

    A Director can be appointed by Shareholders/members of the Company only by passing Ordinary Resolution in an Extra-Ordinary General Meeting. A director is appointed as per provisions of Section 152 of the Companies Act, 2013. Generally tenure is of 5 years unless the contrary is provided.

    An Additional Director is a director having the same powers, responsibilities & duties as other directors. The only difference between them is regards to their appointing authority and their term of office.


    Add new talent to the Company so as to plan for groth and formulate new strategies and get expertise.

    Remove the inable persons and appoint new qualified persons for growth of the Company.

    Fulfill the minimum statutory requirement of 2 Directors in case of Private limited.

    3 Directors in case of Public Limited and 5 Directors in Case of Producer Company.


    STEP 1

    Receive and review documents from client

    STEP 2

    Apply for Digital Signature Certificate and DIN number of proposed appointee

    STEP 3

    Draft the required resolution

    STEP 4

    File necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies


    Identity Proof

    Photograph of proposed appointee, Self attested copy of PAN card and any one of Adhar/Passport/Driving License/Voters Card of proposed appointee.

    Address Proof

    Any one latest Utility Bill (Bank Statement/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/phone of proposed appointee.

    Personal Information

    Qualification(Graduate/Post Graduate/SSC/HSC), Mobile number and email,  of the proposed appointee.


    Consent of proposed appointee in Form DIR-2, Disclosure in DIR-8, signed copy of Resolutions for appointment.




    Upto 2 Additional Director Appointment by the Board already having DIN and DSC to the Board of Directors for small Companies only.                                                  (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

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    Upto 2 Additional Director Appointment by the Board, proposed candidates not having DIN and DSC to the Board of Directors for small Companies only (Exclusive of Govt Fee, DSC Charges and GST)

    4,000.00Add to cart



    Upto 2 Director Appointment by Shareholders, proposed candidate not having DIN and DSC to the Board of Directors for small Companies only.         (Exclusive of Govt Fee, DSC and GST)

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    1. Who can become a Director in a Company?

    Only an Individual can become a Director in a Company.

    2. Do I need to apply for another DIN, if I already have one?

    No, you are not required to obtain another DIN. It is permanently allotted and can be used for a person’s subsequent appointment in any company/LLP.

    3. In how many Companies can a Individual become a Director?

    An individual can become a Director in Maximum 15 Private Limited Companies at time.

    4. Who has the power to appoint a Director?

    An additional Director can be appointed by the Board; however regularization of additional director will be required by the members in an Annual General Meeting. A regular Director needs to be appointed by the Shareholders only.

    5. Is it necessary for a Director to hold shares in a Company?

    Not required unless Articles of Company contains any such requirement.

    6. Can a Shareholder be a Director in a Company?

    Shareholder and Director are two different concepts, so a Shareholder may or may not be a Director and vice versa depending on articles of association of Company.