Alteration of Objects Clause

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    The Memorandum of Association (MOA) of a company has object clauses that determine the purpose and range of activities of a company. After incorporation of a company, it may want to change object clause. This requires alteration in the MOA of the company and section 13 of the Companies Act 2013 covers the same. Ever clause on the MOA can be altered (with the exception of capital clause which requires an ordinary resolution to be passed) by passing a special resolution as mentioned in section 13. We cover the basic process to change the object clause of MOA of a company as per Companies Act 2013.


    To provide for expansion and diversification

    It defines and limits the scope of the company’s operations

    It details the company’s scope of activity for the members and explains how the members’ capital will be used

    Improves marketability and better funding by finance institutions to the Company


    STEP 1

    Convene a Board Meeting

    STEP 2

    Convene a Board Meeting and Issue a Notice of General Meeting

    STEP 3

    Pass the required Ordinary or Special Resolution in General Meeting

    STEP 4

    File necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies



    The Article of Association of the Company must allow the change in object.


    Detailed new Object to be added.


    The detailed new object must be relevant with the existing name of the Company.


    Certified True Copies of the Special Resolutions along with explanatory statement.




    Alteration of Main Objects of One Person Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

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    Alteration of Main Objects of Private Limited Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

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    Alteration of Main Objects of any Unlisted Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

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    1. What is MOA explain the law relating to the alteration of object clause?

    Whenever a company is incorporated it shall prepare an MOA (Memorandum of Association). It is the very First step for company incorporation as it defines the area within which the company can operate during its existence.

    2. Can any objects be added to the main object?

    Yes, any lawfull object can be added to the main object of the Company. New object must be relevant to the name of the Company.

    3. Can Real Estate Object be added to the Company name Abcd Pharmaceuticals Private Limited?

    Yes, Real Estate object can be added but in such case, Company will be required to change its name also along with object clause.

    4. Is there any maximum number of objects or activities, a company could carry?

    No, a Company could have multiple main objects, subject to the approval of the concerned Registrar of Companies.

    5. Subscribers sheet also needs to be changed?

    No, the subscription clause is not subject to alteration in the MOA. The subscriber sheet that is used during the incorporation of the company is valid for a lifetime, and one is not allowed to make any further changes in it.