Closure Of Private Limited Company

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  • Free consultancy
  • Drafting of documents as per requirements
  • Getting the required Board Meeting/General Meeting conducted
  • Auditors Certificate
  • Filing of required forms with the Registrar of Companies
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    The Companies Act, 2013 laid down the procedure for winding up a Defunct Company. A Defunct or Dormant Company can be wind up with a fast-track procedure that requires submission of the STK-2 form. Hence, Form STK-2 is required in order to wind up a Defunct Company and there is no additional procedure for that. An Inactive or Dormant Company can be wound up to avoid annual compliance formalities and penalty for non-compliance.


    To avoid annual compliance formalities and penalty for non-compliance.

    All rent/lease contracts and related expenses will be saved.

    Closing down a company not having any business is always best to save your time and attention.

    Closing of company will ensure you save financial resources otherwise utilized on Compliances.


    STEP 1

    Receive and review documents from client

    STEP 2

    Prepare winding up application

    STEP 3

    Convene Board Meeting and an Extra-ordinary General Meeting

    STEP 4

    File necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies



    Auditors Certificate for Assets and Liabilities


    Affidavits from Directors


    Certified True Copies of the Special Resolutions along with explanatory statement


    Self attested Address Proof, PAN Card of all Shareholders and Directors along with Digital Signature Certificate of any one Director




    Closure of OPC Company (Exclusive of Government Fee and GST)

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    Closure of Private Limited Company  (Exclusive of Government Fee and GST)

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    Closure of Public Limited Company (Exclusive of Government Fee and GST)

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    1. What does Strike Off of a Company means?

    Strike Off means removing the name of the Company from the Register of Companies maintained by Registrar of the Companies.

    2. Can a Struck Off Company trade?

    A Struck Off Company cannot trade.

    3. Can all Companies be striked off?

    Having satisfied the prerequisites of making an application for the closure of a private limited company, any active or dormant company except listed Companies and the companies registered under section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 can apply for the closure of the company through form STK-2.

    4. Can a Company be closed without all Directors agreeing to it?

    A company can be closed if atleast 75% of shareholders are in favour of the Closure. However, a company cannot be closed by filing the standard STK-2 if the dissenting person has more than 25% stake in the company. Under such a condition, an application may have to be filed before NCLT under IBC 2016. Simply stating Special resolution must be passed for Closure.

    5. What are the grounds for Strike off the Company?

    A company can be struck off under following circumstances: A. When a Company has failed to commence its business within one year of its Incorporation. B. When a Company is not actively carrying on any business or operations for two preceding years and has not made any application within such period for obtaining the status of a Dormant Company.

    6. In what cases the Company's name cannot be Struck Off?

    The Company cannot be Struck Off if in the last three months:

    • The Company has relocated to another state or changes its name.
    • Made a disposal for the value of Property of Rights held by it.
    • Doing activities other than what is necessary for making an application under the concerned provision, so and so forth.

    7. Can a Dormant Company apply for Strike Off?

    Yes, any Company which has been identified as a dormant by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs can apply for strike off.