Change in Name Clause of MOA

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  • Free consultancy
  • Free Company name search
  • Name reservation
  • Getting the required Board Meeting/General Meeting conducted
  • Making necessary changes in MOA and AOA
  • Filing of required forms with the Registrar of Companies
  • Issuance of new Certificate of Incorporation
  • Time : 7-10 working days
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    The name of a Private Company may be changed any time later after incorporation. In order to change the name of a Private Limited Company, the consent of the Shareholders through a special resolution along with the approval of concerned Registrar of Companies is required. The change of name of a Private Limited Company will not have any impact on legal entity of company. A company after its name change is required to paint or affix or print, as the case may be, along with its new name, the former name for the next two years at every place and document.


    Your New Name Could Be More Aligned with Your Brand

    It’s a great way to create a sense of renewal, and to signify positive change to the outside world

    Improves marketability through Branding

    It may mark a turning point in your business. As your business evolves, you can be more strategic with your branding. This may include changing your company’s name — especially if you initially went with something generic or nondescript.


    STEP 1

    Receive and review documents from client

    STEP 2

    Convene a Board Meeting and pass Board Resolution for Change of Name

    STEP 3

    Check availability of new name and reserve the same for 60 days

    STEP 4

    Convene EGM and take approval of the Shareholders

    STEP 5

    Pass Special Resolution in EGM

    STEP 6

    Submission of documents to the concerned Registrar of Companies

    STEP 7

    Issue of fresh Certificate of Incorporation by the ROC

    STEP 8

    Make required changes in MOA and AOA of the company and other stationary at office



    New Name suggestion from Client


    New Name Approval Letter from ROC


    DSC of any one Director


    Resolution for change of name by the board along with latest Shareholding details of Company




    Change in Name of a OPC (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

    7,000.00Add to cart



    Change in Name of a small Private Company(Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

    8,000.00Add to cart



    Name Change of any unlisted large Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

    15,000.00Add to cart


    1. Who can change the name of a Company?

    Power to change the name is vested with the Shareholders of the Company.

    2. Does name change required change in Object also?

    Change in name and change in object are two different things and may or may not relate to each other.

    3. Can a Default Company change its name?

    A Company which has defaulted in any ROC Compliances cannot change its name during the pendency of default.

    4. Does the name of Company must contain its business activity also?

    If name has activity then its object must be limited to objects as per its name.

    5. Can a Company change its name different to its activity?

    No legally not allowed, if name shows the activity then same activity must be there in main objects in Memorandum of Association.