Remove a Director in a Company

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  • Getting the required Board Meeting/General Meeting conducted
  • Filing of required forms with the Registrar of Companies
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    A Director can resign from Company anytime. Company has the authority to accept his resignation by passing an ordinary resolution, given the Director was not appointed by the Central Government or the tribunal. A Board Meeting will be called by giving seven days’ notice to all the directors.


    To cut down the salary cost

    Remove the unable persons and appoint new qualified persons for growth of the Company

    To remove the odds with the strategies which the majority of the company’s management have adopted

    To cut down the employee cost


    STEP 1

    Draft Resignation Letter

    STEP 2

    File with the Company notice of resignation

    STEP 3

    Draft the required resolution

    STEP 4

    File necessary forms with the Registrar of Companies



    Resignation letter from Resigning Director


    Proof of dispatch of Resignation/Acceptance of Resignation


    Mobile number and email of the resigning person


    Notice of Resignation, and Confirmation of the Board, if applicable




    Resignation of 1-2 Directors of any unlisted Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

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    Resignation of 3 – 4 Directors of any unlisted Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee and GST)

    4,500.00Add to cart



    Resignation of upto 4 Directors and Share Transfer for any Private Company (Exclusive of Govt Fee, Stamp and GST)

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    1. Can a director withdraw his resignation?

    Once a Director has given a notice of resignation, he cannot withdraw it except with the consent of the Company. Letter of resignation must be addressed to the Company, as the letter addressed to the third party has no effect.

    2. Can a director resignation can be refused?

    An individual who does not want to be a Director cannot be forced to retain such role.

    3. What happens to Company with no Director?

    In such cases any shareholder can request a GENERAL MEETING to appoint new director.

    4. Is it necessary for a Director to own shares of the Company?

    The Shareholders owns the Company by owning its Shares and the Director manages it. A Director does not need to be a shareholder and a shareholder does not have the Rights of a Director.